What is a MyTeamShop?

MyTeamShop feature enables any user to become a shop manager for a team or a group. Becoming a shop managers lets you create an online shop that sells custom merchandise to a specific set of users (eg members of a cycling team, club) as well as basic ecommerce task such as viewing product orders and purchase reports.

How to Create a MyTeamShop?

  • Tick the checkbox at initial user registration.

  • You will receive an email confirmation once you have been approved as a MyTeamshop manager.

  • Make custom orders through the ‘request a quote’ feature to add products to your shop.

  • After price & design agreement, you will receive an email confirmation.

  • You can choose to accept or reject the quote in your ‘My Account’ page.

As a MyTeamShop Manager, a user will be able to place product requests from the Custom Product Lists for the SEIGHT shop admin's approval. After going through a custom product process (Similar to the Custom Order Process), the SEIGHT shop admin adds products into the user's [MyTeamShop mangager] shop that is password protected. The MyTeamShop manager can then share the password to his/her team or members eligible to access the shop [user account log-in not required]. The MyTeamShop manager is allowed to create product orders [for seight admin approval], edit shop profile and logo, create the shop password, and view product purchase orders and reports.

How to buy from a MyTeamShop?

  • Ask your team’s MyTeamShop manager for the password.

  • Go to your Team Shop.

  • Enter the password, and purchase products regularly.

  • Wait for your product to be delivered after payment confirmation.

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